Project Life {Weeks 7 and 8}

I guess I haven't been around here for a while because there are two weeks I haven't posted.
I got a little behind but I appreciate the simplicity outlook I have taken and it made the catch up so much easier to take on.

Here is the left side of Week 7 -  It was the week of Valentine's Day and one of the best moments for me was watching my girl be all about the red balloon she was given by one of her school friends.
She was so so genuinely giddy happy.  It was so infectious.
I had to record one of her awesome quotes this week.   Kids and their imaginations .. what a combination.  That card from Dearest Someday was the perfect addition next to that memorable statement.

The other side showcases a few pics from this post.   We drove two hours away for a mini snow adventure and came home to summer temperatures! 

 Eeeek! I guess that self portrait pic of us got a little twisted when I took the photo. Ooopsie.
I had to include the song that I couldn't get out of my head that week. 

My baby boy is OBSESSED with two animal sound apps!  As hard as we try to distract .. he gets his eyes on an iphone or ipad and he will point to the device and make the monkey noise over and over and over again. 

I am so grateful for another family adventure this week.  This time it was a three night camping/trailer adventure.   
After this tutorial on Studio Calico's stamp brushes I made a quick and simple card to write this weeks highlight using the feather stamp from this set of digital brushes.    Easy peasy.  I kind like how the feather fit right in with the outdoorsy/camp theme.  :)

I seemed to have more journaling this week.  I guess I felt the need to write some specifics about our mini getaway?  

I love to include update photos of my family overseas especially my nephews.   I have to write a quick post it note in my album though so that I remember to include a photo if I have received an email with photos attached otherwise I have a tendency to forget.   But  I love to flick through and see their cute little faces since I don't get to see them in person regularly.  :(

What I have learnt this week:
* My favourite 'Project Life Page Protectors' are definitely Designs A and G.  I used them for Week 8 and I liked how much better the photos seemed to flow and the process of actually choosing what to include went a lot smoother.

Project Life you make me happy.  :))


Nirupama said...

You're pages are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)

Nicole said...

What fun photos and stories! Love your pages...thanks for sharing! :)