The Week That Was {2 Seasons in 2 Days}

We ventured out to the Mountains last Thursday (Big Bear to be exact) for a mini family adventure.
Just a one night thing.  It was short. It was sweet.  It was nice to be up in the mountains with the amazing scenery and snow all around.   There was even a visit to the local Big Bear zoo that we squeezed in before coming home on Friday. 

 In true Southern California style.. we left the mountains wearing jackets, long pants and the heater on in the car and two hours later arrive home,  step out of car and are greeted with 80F(?!!).  A hot summer's day in Winter!!  With that amazing weekend weather,  outside is where we needed to be! Let's take our bikes to the park!  Great idea .. kind of.  That plan didn't seem so fun  for baby boy.  He just wasn't having it riding in the trailer behind daddy's bike.  It was almost too hot for him.  Sigh! Kids! :) Ha!

In just two days Owen went from this:

to this:

I must say though I am looking forward to long term warmer weather.   Winter you were not so friendly (or healthy) this year ........  :)

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