Trailer Adventures. Happy Friday

Back in the 2011 my husband convinced me to get a 21" Keystone Cabana Trailer.  Sure why not.  I think it got used once that year.  The place we camped at was cold and well I wasn't so excited to get back to nature after that trip.  I was pregnant too!
Let's just say I am a city girl and camping wasn't something I did frequently.  Quite a shame really considering Australia (where I grew up) has some a.m.a.z.i.n.g spots!   My husband on the opposite end had many a family outing in the great outdoors!  

Fast forward two year and two kids later and I will admit purchasing the trailer has been one of the best decisions (Yes husband I did just write that).   Yes I have some short lasting complaints here and there but watching my kids make the most of their simple surroundings is so so satisfying and makes it all worth it!  You definitely have to be more on top of it with a younger child (don't touch the heater, don't open the door, don't get too close to those steps, don't pull on that rod......) but again totally worth it seeing those big smiles.

Last week we went to a location that was fairly close to home.  No more than a 25 minute drive close!  But I am so so happy we went.   We were meant to go in January but it poured down rain on our planned days (we are not that adventurous just yet) so we postponed it a month and last week mother nature was very kind giving us amazing winter weather!

And so I have been convinced we need to do this more often!

Happy Friday!
Any fun outings planned?  It's going to be a beautiful 80 Degrees here in Southern California.
Maybe some beach time should be in my plans ... hmmmmmm.

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