Today {One Little Word}

Oh Monday ..  Today you were a very interesting start to the week.
I yelled out many curse words (in my head of course) all morning after realising my keys (car and house) were left in my husband's car!  My husband was at work.    My plans for this morning were completely shot of course!  Seriously huge bummer!  I had to get out of the house  though ....I had to stop feeling sorry for myself and make the most of this situation.  Make the most of TODAY.  I love that I can use my one little word to make light of what normally I may have moped and complained about for a little longer than I should.  The easiest thing to do was grab the stroller, place baby boy in it and stroll!  And that is what we did.  I mean the sun was shining!  Hello .. people in other parts of the US are wishing for this kind of weather right now!!  :)

On this day baby boy decided to run .. well more like a cute little waddle with his arms swinging .. make a little grunt sound, grab a hold of my hand without any prompting and together we strolled.  Hand. in. Hand.   This was the first time he initiated this cute and simple little gesture.  Simple yes but man it made me smile a huge smile on that street.   All of my earlier thoughts about my absent mindedness and plans that I had missed and everything else that was whirling around in my head  were completely forgotten about in that short fifteen seconds of joy.  I realised this little person is 16 (!) months already and life is passing by at a rapid speed and it's these type of moments that I want to remember!

 Everything else with the missing keys fell into place in the end. 

TODAY .. you were good to me.  I'm so glad I noticed.

Hoping for more happy moments in February!

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