A Day In The Life

I followed along with Ali Edward's day in the life prompt to mark the end of January and took lots and lots of photos on Thursday January 31st. 
This is probably a pretty typical day for mammas of young kids and the many roles we have including taxi driver from one activity to the next.   It's nice to have captured this little reminder of how simple my life was (since it seems far from simple right now)  knowing that as the kids get older there will be more activities and busyness added to the mix.

I'm glad I captured a pic of my watch (see 11:05am photo) .. to me that signifies how I cannot for one reason or another ever be on time these days!  Ballet class for my girl starts at 11am .. at that exact time I was at a stop light still 5 minutes away! Argh!   That is hard for me to accept!  I used to be a little neurotic when it came to being places on time.  Not anymore!  Usually it's because my girl needs to put this 'baby' to sleep first or she doesn't want to put on her shoes, or she is taking foreeeever to eat her breakfast.  Ha!
Oh how life has changed.

Then we have my girl's fascination with pretending to be a 'doggie' or a 'puppy'.  I think I heard the words "I'm a doggy/puppy" at least fifty (!) times yesterday.  The pic at 9am she is in the middle of letting out a 'woof' as she talks to me.  Fun times!!

I will be printing this out so it will fit in 6x12 page protector and add it as an extra insert into my Project Life.  I have notes that I plan to handwrite before I call it done ( hence the blank space at the bottom).   I'm going to try (try very very hard) to do this at the end of each month.  But I will be Ok if I forget one month or more :).

Happy February!  Hope everyone has a good weekend!   

My plans include a little exercise class in the morning (my new favourite barre class) and a much needed date night Saturday night.  Woohoo!!



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KK said...

I love this! So fun! I'm so glad to hear there's another little kid that is obsessed with pretending they're a dog. Tyler asks me constantly to give him a bone and a bowl of water. He's even pooped in the grass in the backyard...I'm not kidding! Aye aye aye!