Project Life {Week 5}

Week five down with project life.  Wowza.  Heeeello February! 

I'm a week behind in the actual sharing of my PL but still happily caught up with my actual completed pages (just haven't taken the latest photos) so Week five is what I will concentrate on in this post :).   This week includes a little extra insert with my Day in Life that I captured.  I simply printed the collage of photos I made on a 6x12 sheet.  I had it printed by persnickety prints since my printer can only do 8x11.5 standard page size.  Wow!  I uploaded and ordered them on a Friday and by Monday they were in by album!  I love Persnickety! 

I had to include a photo of the latest additions to my living room .. 2 huge empty car seat boxes which of course my kids love and have entertained themselves in.  Baby boy even enjoys it as a cozy place to enjoy his bottle (see centre picture below).   My living room is not exactly huge so those things are taking up a lot of room but they are seriously getting lots of love!

The right side is my favourite this week. 
All those photos make me smile big when I think back about the memories. 
From Wednesday night's last minute plan to eat at Downtown Disney to our day in the park Saturday morning spennding time with some butterflies,  planting a nectar tree and of course a mini photoshoot because the scenery behind us was too pretty not too .. of course!

Experimented with some white space and added some words in photoshop.   Instead of a good day it was a good night! :)

Other Supplies Used: 
*   Jennifer Johner's new cards .. Oh My! I just love the colour theme she uses!  So so pretty!

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