Firstly Happy New Year!  I wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2013.  Last year was amazing .. so many blessings and I look forward to making more great memories and recording them this new year. Hello 2013 .. can't wait to see what you bring.

I have to say this little blog didn't get as much attention as I would have like last year.  I didn't get it started until somewhat late in the year and then I didn't complete as many fun projects (scrapbooking etc..) as I wanted to.  I realised something though.  I didn't complete those things because of one big reason : I wasted so much quality time on things that really didn't matter.  I know we all do it ... wasting time. Procrastinate. Comparing ourselves to other people, other blogs.  I didn't make the most of : TODAY.   

Today: My one little word that I will strive for this year that will inspire me to live in the moment.  I played around with others like Act or Action which was on the same page about actually doing what I really wanted done.  But TODAY just seemed more impactful for me and fits well with what I'm striving for.

To get things done today not tomorrow. 

Remembering that now is a better time than any. 

To put the phone (or any technological device) down and really play with my kids TODAY. 

To show my husband how much I love him TODAY.

 To create, craft something ....  TODAY. 

This is the official one little word class from the amazing Ali Edwards which I so wish I could be a part of but have decided not to and see just how much I can embrace my word and let it lead the way that I live my life on my own.

Here's to TODAY!

Print from the big harumph

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