A New Start

Oh little ol blog of mine. 
So much time has passed since I was last here and we are already in 2014.  I just need a few more hours in my day so I can cross off 'write in blog' off my list.  Oh Well.
The good news is I'm still playing with photos and paper and writing snail mail and of course my most important job of being a mumma to the most amazing little humans.  I am beyond grateful for that.

So Happy New Year! I hope it's a year filled with joy, good health, and many blessings.

 I wanted to share a little craft project I was happy to complete as part of the
&&AHappyNewYear mail swap hosted by Rin over at Papered Thoughts.  I put together a little package for my new penpal consisting of a series of mini posters .. which she could use as wall art if she wanted and a little banner with an inspiring message of sorts.

Of course I had to go with a glitter theme and gold theme since it was for New Year's Eve.
I probably could have put a little more 'party' goodies in my little package but as I explained to my new penpal ... these days New Year's Eve parties are very rare for me.  I usually spend a little time reminising on the year that was and look forward to the new beginning.  Usually I reminisce in my comfy home,  sipping my glass of champagne, listening to some of my favourite songs from the year and call it an early night.  Although I managed to stay up until midnight this new year's eve!?

I sent off a few little party animals though ... they each held three of my goals for the new year.

 I am definitely not big on resolutions.  But there are definitely  three personal goals I really want to concentrate on this year. 
And so cheers to 2014. 
Cheers to sending more mail.
Cheers to staying on top of project life and taking lots of photos and making amazing memories along the way.

I hope to try reeeeeally hard at updating the fun stuff I create this year.
No promises but if the blog doesn't get updated I will probably post it on instagram.  :)

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