Project Life 2014 Let's Do This

Ah Yes .. I have a cover page to my 2014 project life album.
I haven't printed out my photos for the first two weeks of the year that have seemed to pass on by like a flash but I do have this cover page which I'm very happy with.
Ever since I saw this free downloadable calendar I knew I wanted it to be a part of the opening of my album.

I am working with a 12x12 album just like I have the last two years that I have documented our lives via Project Life but doing a 8.5x11 size cover page seemed less daunting for me.  I was already behind in the actual printing of the photos so I wanted something that would come together quickly and this little hybrid page did just that.
It's a hybrid page because I set up the calendar on the page in photoshop before I printed it and then added the photos, life love paper printed goodies, 'the adventure begins' journal card (availabe from dearest someday), the washi tape and alphas at the end.

Now here's hoping for a productive weekend that I can get some photos printed into said album.
Happy Friday!

Interested in Project Life?  
Check out this website for everything you need to know about this amazing way to record all those precious memories you have captured a photo of.

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