Camping Adventures/Newport Dunes

 I thought I would break up the silence on this blog with a little recap of our most recent camping/trailer adventure.  Two weeks ago we ventured out on a four night stay at one of our favourite summer locations : Newport Dunes in Newport Beach.  I love that you can lay by the beach all day if you choose or rent a water toy of some sort if you want to be active, splash in the pool or even take a leisurely stroll or bike ride around the beach area and just ..... breathe.
The noisy atmosphere of the all the kids doing their thing, laughing and screaming and truly enjoying their summer is pretty infectious.

  With our little trailer there is some hard setup work that needs to be done upon arriving at the site and then of course the clean up on our last day. My ever so strong husband is in charge of all of that and my job is to keep our kids away and occupied until that work is complete.
Ice cream on the beach kids?  Isabel gives a resounding 'Yes'!!  And Owen gives the cutest 'yes please' I have ever heard.  It sounds more like 'es peeees' ... he has the best manners of any almost two year old. Yes he does.

Speaking of Owen .. that boy gets more and more adventurous with every new camping trip we embark on and I get just slightly more nervous.  Baby proofing is pretty much non existent in or around our trailer so you will constantly hear 'watch your fingers' 'watch your head' 'watch your step' 'be careful buddy'.

He was loving the freedom of being able to follow his big sister around on her bike (well technically it is his hand me down bike but she refuses to ride her 'big girl' bike) on the little street right in front of our site (cars drive super slow) and I was very happy to see how quickly he moved his little legs to come back to one of us an hold our hand the moment he saw or heard a come coming.
Good manners and knows the road rules?  Proud mamma over here!  

"Mummy isn't this the most beautiful shell you have ever seen"?  Yes it is the most beautiful shell I have ever seen Isabel. Playing with sand, dirt and water and staying up waaaay past her bedtime? Isabel was in pure kid heaven. 

As much fun as Owen had playing in the sand and being allowed to play on the street,  I'm pretty confident his favourite part of this camping trip was being super duper close to the airport.  I can't quite figure out how to write his word for aeroplane but let's just say he repeated his word and pointed to sky many many maaany times.

We ventured out of the campsite on one of the days and walked on over to Balboa Island just for a change of scenery.  Isabel enjoyed an icecream and her mummy and daddy enjoyed a nice adult beverage overlooking the harbour.  Life is good.  So so good! 

 This was Summer camping trip #2 for 2013.  We have planned four this summer so two more to go.
I love making these fun memories.
Until next time Newport Dunes!

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