Oh me! Oh My!  And so my baby girl is now four!  What a ride these last four years have been.  
I remember when she was an infant looking forward to this particular time in her life.  The time where she would be so inquisitive and receptive to the new things we show her from craft projects to working in the garden.   She has truly blown my mind with just how curious she is about every.little. thing she sees or hears.  She will hear words to songs in the car and ask me "mummy what does this word mean".   
She has become so mature in this last year.  She is taking more risks and getting over so many fears.  It is so cool to watch her pick up a little bug from the ground or climb higher steps at the playground or go down the bigger slides.   
Our little girl has the biggest heart and and loves so deeply.  
They say these  years in a child's life are the most trying but also the most fun. 
 I couldn't agree more! 

There was no big party this year for our birthday girl instead we put the money towards a mini zoo camping adventure.  It was a very unique experience which I am so glad we had the opportunity to do and hope she remembers for some time.  Hopefully I get some free moments in the next few days to blog about it.  :)

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