Australia . Part 3

How is it Friday already?
We have been back from our Australia trip two weeks now ... and we are finally feeling like ourselves.  Sleep is a good thing that's all I can say!
I guess I feel like taking my time in posting our trip pictures ... but here is the latest installment.

I mentioned earlier how this trip was kind of like a roller coaster ride .. the bumpy ride continued on the afternoon we arrived home from our farmstay adventure when Isabel develops a fever.  Are you kidding me? Seriously .. are you kidding me?  That's what went through my head!  We tried hard to stay away from Jason as much as we could during his time in bed trying to avoid catching his virus just in case it was contagious .. Isabel of course couldn't keep away from her daddy for very long!  I said a little prayer that it wouldn't be as bad as her brother's illness. Thanks goodness hers wasn't as severe and didn't seem to last as long.  The following day we asked her if she wanted to visit some kangaroos and she answered with a very excitedly 'YES'!  She seemed to be doing OK so off we went to Lone Pine Sanctuary.  So glad we went on that day!  Looking back on the whole trip it was the perfect day to go with everything else that we had going on!  She was such a little trooper!


It was awesome to see how excited our kids were being up close and personal with these cute aussie furry friends.  It was a good day. 

I'm thinking I have one more installment of our trip photos and then call it a day. :))

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