Australia . Part Two

The one thing I'm grateful about my husband's and baby boy's sickness  is that it happened when it did.  Because by the beginning of the second week we were ready to go on our first mini adventure and they were healthy again to really enjoy it.  I think it's safe to say we all really really enjoyed this little adventure!

About an hour and half drive from our Aussie home is Historic Cedar Glen Farm Stay.  An amazing location where we to got experience a little piece of rural Australia for a few days .. complete with animal feedings, horse riding and milking a cow!  The location was amazing .. it was peaceful, remote and the perfect place to relax while staring at the awesome views.
The accommodation we stayed in was a very spacious Queenslander style cottage built in 1901 (!!).
It was seriously a very special, memorable getaway! 

The house was even furnished with some amazing antiques, some of which have been in the homestead since it was built in back in 1901.

We spent a lot of time doing this :

Feeding the animals in the morning and evenings was a definite highlight .. just ask my three year old!

But really there are so many happy memories from the 2 nights and three days at Cedar Glen .....
*Oh 'Mr Brown' - the awesome stubborn brown Sheep that made us laugh every morning and evening
*I milked a cow for the first time!
*Standing on the balcony at night with absolutely no one around, whispering quietly and looking at the beautiful starry filled sky, Jason with his trusty iphone identifying each star.
*The yummy food complete with a picnic lunch that was always a few minutes away from the house
*Watching my mum take the kids for mini walks to see the animals

We even got to watch a group of wallabies do their thing out in the wild.

Thanks for the amazing memories Cedar Glen!

From left to right:
My big sister, my nephew, Me, Baby girl, My husband and my little sister.

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