Project Life {Week 6}

This is going to sound so silly but I'm so proud of myself for staying on top of this!  I absolutely love the whole concept of project life but life gets busy and sometimes real life takes over documenting, but after week six I have found my groove and know exactly what I want to do with my version of this awesome way of documenting!!

 Two things I have noticed so far:

1.  Simple is key.  I'm starting to sound like a broken record but more than anything it's nice for me to say (write) it out loud especially when I get thoughts like "it needs a bit more" stuck in my head.
I am so so inspired when I see other simple project life spreads out there in the blog/instagram/pinterest land.  Examples like this one or this one or this one.   Yes I love a few small embellishments every now and then .. I have a pretty good stash so why not use them right?   My favourite part has been using up the little stuff that I have been keeping away hoarding and enjoying seeing them in my album.  For example that 'Enjoy' tag from Banana Fish Studio.

2.  White Space is my friend!  Yes I do a little bit of editing in photoshop and am absolutely loving the little additions of white space. It feels a bit more clean. Less cluttered.  That's it ..  less. clutter.  That is the look I'm going for this year.

Overall this week I didn't too many photos it seems.  But I still managed to capture some good moments.  I had to include a little self portrait .. one was after a much need haircut .. if only I could replicate the look the hairdresser gives me ...  at home! Sigh!  I also had to include a dressing room photo .. just a little self esteem boost about how I can fit into a smaller size and documenting how grateful I am to have the time to exercise some what frequently and how it has paid off.

I managed to take a few sleeping baby pics this week though! Ha! Too sweet not to include that's for sure!

You know what's more fun about project life?  Watching your almost 18 month old open up your album get so excited and point to things and yell things like 'daaadda' or his version of his big sister's name.  So cool!

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