Christmas 2012

I'm pretty sure my 2012 Christmas can be summed up in these two photos right here:

To me this is what the magic is all about. This simple magic.  Hearing and watching a kids excitement with every new light, experience and everything that comes along with the season... I wish it could be bottled up.   It was a good Christmas .. a blessed Christmas in so many ways.  Our baby girl asked Santa for one thing.  A bell.  No not a 'Belle' as in a Belle doll from beauty and the beast.  But an actual ringing bell.  A simple bell.  She is amazing!  I will never forget the day she said to me "Mummy you know what I'm going to ask Santa for"?  I replied with 'what's that'.  "A Bell, you know the type you can shake shake and make ringing sounds".

We are trying to teach our kids the real reason for the season - trying to explain why we are lucky enough to have Santa's gifts.  Teaching the importance of giving over receiving.
So we purposely didn't come right out and ask what she wanted from Santa.  He was of course working hard with a couple special gifts around the end of November (including an awesome bike for our big girl!) and out of nowhere later in December Isabel decides to inform us of the bell. 
Chrismas morning came around and Isabel comes to our bed and tells us very excitedly that Santa Claus had come but he didn't eat all the cookies (I guess he left a few crumbs .. he may have been full from aaaall the other treats he had eaten) Ha!  After we tell her to go see what he brought .. she comes back to us with a small box and says in the cutest voice "Ah! I think this is my bell. Santa brought me my bell".  It was precious I tell ya!
Yes baby girl he sure did!  The bike? What about the bike?   She didn't even notice or care and it never even crossed her mind that the bike could be for her.  I love that girl! 
For the record she did ride it and does love it! I think! :)

And just because I can't resist here are a few of my other favourite pics.

 Hope you and yours had a blessed Christmas time as well.

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