2013 Here we Go!

New Year. New pics. New memories to make right?
I definitely plan to record those good times in some sort of version of Project Life.  Some sort being the important words!  He!

I learned a lot from doing it last year.
I learned simplicity is key.
I learned that my style is definitely more on the clean side.
I learned that I want to let the photos really tell the story this year. 
I learned I was more than OK that I didn't record every.single.week.

I have LOVED flipping back through that album and therefore want to continue with the happy momentum.  Not to mention I love watching my three year old flip through the album and relive the fun stuff we did. So cute I tell you!

And here is how my 2013 album will begin:

I'm a huge fan of Photoshop (I use CS5) to edit my photos and played around with some pics to make my cover page.  I must be honest and say I wish the photo of my daughter was taken outside like the rest of them.  I wanted to use the most recent photos of us and somehow I didn't have any of her being outside?! Ha!

Anyways back to the design of it all ... I wanted to incorporate my one little word for this year so that it would be a constant reminder throughout so I made some simple 4x3 cards to go inside those pockets.  And just like that cover page complete!

Here is my 2 page spread for the first week.  I'm experimenting with journaling this week.  Keeping with the whole simple theme I want to make sure I keep it clean and concise.   The card on the top left I designed myself (yes I realise stamped the wrong year ... oopsie) and I like how I just summarised the week on there. We will see what the rest of the spreads will turn into.

I have to say the Project Life Creative Team both at Studio Calico and on the official project life blog  are preeetty amazing.  An inspiring group of ladies without a a doubt!


Merrick Dunphy said...

What a fun start to PL!

Sparklin said...

this is looking great!