The Week That Was

Brrrr it was cold this week (for Southern California Standards anyway!):)

The week was going as planned until another bout of this incessant cold that is going around and around aaaaand around hit our house for the 6th time in the last 4 months!  . Of course baby boy catches whatever bug big sister has and then dealing with two sick and whiny kids makes this mamma suuuuper tired! Almost makes me want to keep my girl home from school.  But ... Alas .. it seems drastic and it's a silly thought I know.  I just feel so bad because it seems like she cannot catch a break for longer than 2 weeks.  I'm trying to pump those fruits and veggies and vitamins in them (which they eat without an issue) But ...... Argh! That's all I have to say! Argh!   That's life though right?

Anyone got any natural cold/flu remedies they swear by?  I'm all ears!  

My favourite moment from this week definitely was the day our girl started dance lessons again and little brother wanted so badly to be part of the action.  I managed to capture a few quick shots of him watching before he made a run across the dance floor  for the 100th time!

We celebrated a special daddy's birthday Saturday complete with ice cream cake!

Hoping for a productive and healthy upcoming week! 

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