Project Life: Week 2

And here is last week's happenings printed and documented:

I'm making it a point to include something awesome my 3 and a half year old has said during the week because let's face it she talks a lot and I don't want to forget some of the memorable stuff. I do write it down in a notebook or in my iphone  if there is a moment she makes me laugh out loud or smile very big while we are out and about.  That reminds me I need to record her when my fave song from last year (Gotye's Someone that you used to know) comes on in the car and she sings Kimbra's part almost word for word even yelling the last line "Someone that you used to know"!  Ha! Ha!

I had to include a pic of my poor sick baby boy as sad as it makes me to look at. 
That group of four photos of my girl. I like the look of each one in its own pocket.  Each facial expression is too cute not to have its own space!   Sometimes I will definitely group multiple shots into the one pocket when I really can't decide which one to print but still want to include it.  Not this time though.
Simple. Simple. Yes Indeed!  And I like it!

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