Trick or Treat

And so another Halloween has come and gone.
Growing up in Australia halloween was definitely not a big deal so it has taken me a while to feel like it's a time of year I fully embrace and enjoy.  It's only in the last couple of years that our oldest fully understands it that I have come to make the effort.  Seeing cute kids in adorable costumes .. I mean how could I not love that?  My halloween decor consists of just a few pumpkins .... and maybe a kids craft thrown in there for good measure. :)

This year's costumes were based on our conversations that we have had with Isabel.
They have gone a little something like this:

Me or her daddy: "Isabel you are such a little monkey"
Isabel: (yelling) "I am not a monkeeeey, I am a Super Duper"
Me:  A Super Duper .. what's that?
Isabel: "You know they save you from the bad guy"
Me: "Like a Super Hero"?
Isabel: "Yeah"

Or like this:
Daddy:  "Isabel you are a little weasel"
Isabel:  (Yelling) "I am NOT a weasel .. I am a Super Duper"
Daddy:  Oh Sorry you little Super Duper.

These conversation pretty much happen every day!

Where she got the word 'Super Duper' I am still not completely sure but my original idea for costumes went out the door once she started calling herself that and then she herself told me that she wanted to be a Super Duper for Halloween and I knew exactly what she needed to make that happen!

Super Duper to the Rescue!

I couldn't resist and had to make Owen Super Duper #2.

And together the Super Dupers caught the bad guy .. I mean bad girl.

 Trick or Treating was a huge success.  Now get those chocolates away from me .. pleeease!

Phew! Until next year Halloween!

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KK said...

Seriously cute! So creative for you to be the bad it!