It's Friday!

Man keeping up with a walking toddler is super tiring!
To be honest our house is not as baby proofed as it should be so I find myself literally running from one room to another trying to catch up with him and make sure he is not up to trouble!
His favourite thing to do is find his big sister in her room and play with the thing she does not want him to play with .. of course! Story of my life right now!  I can say one thing: this week was not boring in any way!

But it's super sweet moments like this that make it all worth it:

He picked this flower and brought it to me .. sure he loves to bring everything to me right now but this particular moment made me smile big and my heart happy.

This weekend I'm looking forward to some me time checking out a fun craft fair and maybe just maybe I'll find time to take a quick nap because I sure need one!
Happy Weekend everyone!

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