CURRENTS : Happy Friday

It's Friday already?
It's November already?
Wow .. so many thoughts in my head right now think it's best if they come out in the way of Currents:

TIME:  3:42pm
DRINKING:  A huge glass of water .. trying to make up for my lack of water all day today!
MAKING:  International Snail Mail for my Aussie Family (see pic above)
WONDERING:  How to better explain to my daughter that the address needs to go on the front of the envelope and that her scribbles words on the back won't be able to be understood by the postman.  Whoa!  Yep a major tantrum just happened over me trying to explain this ..
WISHING:  That this cold that has gotten a hold of my two kiddos would go away soon.  It's taking its toll on them and me!  Argh!
THINKING: It's been a while since I have skyped my mum .. must do today!
THANKFUL: Despite how sick he is baby boy can still give the most amazing belly laugh when I just snuggle into his neck.  
PLANNING:  Lots of creative things I need to make for myself and as christmas gifts
WONDERING: When I will find the time to make them ..

Happy Friday All!
Happy November!


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