Trailer Adventures: San Diego

This past weekend we took our little trailer out for another adventure.
This time we set out on a two hour drive down to San Diego.  We have  annual passes to both the San Diego Zoo and Seaworld and thought why not  'camp' and play tourist at the same time?  To be completely honest I had a few moments where I was not feeling the whole 'camping' thing this trip ... my patience was reeally stretched thin while we entertained our two kiddies and overcame the whole 'she needs a nap but won't nap' or 'he needs a nap but it's too noisy so can't nap' deal.  I am kind of a nap nazi .. I just know when it's needed because the rest of the day will go smoother.  My awesome husband?  He is the complete opposite and just goes with the flow.  Good thing I have him I tell you! I need to work on that!  
But in the end I came around and realised we were making some fun memories and that's all that matttered - things of course worked out just fine.

 We spent a good portion of our Saturday exploring the zoo.  With Isabel as our navigator we saw some pretty amazing animals.  She was in heaven being in control of the map and directing what we were seeing and where we were going to next.  Her curiosity and asking some of the most adult like questions about the animals astounds me sometimes. Asking us to read the description to each exhibit.  Wanting to know what kind of food they ate.  Getting excited as we witnessed the huuuge hippopotamus getting in and out of the water and her facial expressions.  These are the kind of moments I want to remember and this is what make it all worth it!   

Our planned visit to Sea World on Sunday was scratched as Isabel came down with an out of the blue high fever. So that day we chilled and just relaxed hoping it would pass.  And it did.  Thank God! Still not sure where or what brought on the mini illness but grateful it passed quickly and she was back to her happy self by Monday morning.    Just in time to pack it all up and since she couldn't stop asking 'Are we going to Seaworld'? we had to make it happen for her.  So the four of us and the trailer behind us spent a good couple of hours watching some penguins and Orcas and made our way back home. 
And BAM! We arrive to Thanksgiving week ... where did that come from? 

To spice life up just a little bit our initial plans to spend Thanksgiving week out of town with my in laws has now been scratched and that means a very small feast with just our little family of four this year!  That means I have to cook?  Eeek! Wish me luck! I'm going to need it! :)

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