Around Here. Happy December.

Wow November you flew right on by just like the rest of the year has! 
Now it's time to look forward to December and all the magic it brings.

This week the decorations came out and little by little they are making the house feel Christmasey!

I made time to start my December Daily .. I'm pretty pleased with how my cover came out.  Definitely keeping with the 'bright' colour scheme on this one.  I have been looking back at my last two years of the albums I made and just have to laugh at all the blank spots of the days I didn't update.  I am determined to have a completed album this year.  I can do it!  I have new ink and paper for the printer.  Let's do this! I can't wait to get started!

I love the idea of a A Christmas Book Advent.   This will be our first year doing it and I don't doubt it will be a great Christmas Tradition!  I had a small stack that I had collected from Garage Sales and Second hand Book Sellers but I added in a few new ones to get us started this year.  

Happy December to everyone! 
I really hope it is a wonderful time of year in one way or another.

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