Trailer Adventures : Bolsa Chica State Beach

We made more fun memories with our little camping trailer over the last few days. 
Yep we went camping during the week and seriously makes me so grateful that 1. My husband has the the job that he has that allows us to do such fun things during the week and 2. The weather is still amazing!  This little local trip had been planned since the first few weeks of July when we were planning our 'summer' trips and so many places we fully booked we thought why not for this time.  Isabel got a little break from school .. and had the most amazing time playing in the sand, riding in the wagon and turning into a sandy dirty mess every day! And Owen?  Our little almost walking toddler just had the best time crawling everywhere, finding trouble and turning into a little dirty mess himself! I loved waking up to the sweet sounds of my baby boy, strapping him in the stroller and going for a walk/jog with him along the beach the three mornings we were there. What about those beach sunsets?  So blessed I tell you! So blessed!
Fun times!
Now here's to a relaxing weekend full of birthday party planning!

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