His Day

We celebrated this handsome boy this weekend!
He turned one earlier in the week.. that is still hard for me to accept but what can you do?  I am just making sure to enjoy all these little moments and love on his cute little self as much as I can.
I kept the day as simple as I could.  We had our nearest and dearest friends and family (always hard for me because the dearest from my side are so far away) there and made it a happy and colourful celebration. 

I didn't go with a theme .. but just used some bright (almost neon) colours in the decor.
I loved how this big silhouette of him turned out!  I used this place to print the 18x34 size .. it was so cheap!  They specialise in just the large sized posters.  I used a simple tutorial I found on pinterest to make his silhouette in photoshop, uploaded it and in about a week his profile was hanging on my wall.

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to the most amazing, happiest and sweetest baby boy I could ever ask for!  Did I mention he officially learnt how to walk on his birthday.  Eeek!  :)


Valerie Bishop said...

He's just precious!! Great photos!

Nicole K/GothamGal said...

Such a great post. Thank you for sharing. It looks like a fantastic time!

KK said...

I just love the silhouette & the photo "1"! Super adorable party, Jenny! So sad we missed it.