Aaaah see this face?
This face has been making me shed a few tears lately .. you see this adorable face is two weeks from being a one year old.  Last week I sent out his invites  for a small gathering I am planning to celebrate this cute face and all the amazingness he possesses during this big milestone.  Simple is the word for this little gathering ... I am definitely on the band wagon that first birthday's are more for the adults and since he won't remember a thing simple it will be!  

And today I finished up his little slide show of the last twelve months!  I surprised myself and managed to keep it to pretty close to fourteen minutes considering the amount of photos I had to choose from.  I'm happy to say he didin't suffer the second child syndrome that only gets a few photos captured compared to one's first baby where the camera is practically attached to us new mammas!   Aaah my little mamma's boy where did the year go? :)

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