A Week of Firsts

Happy Friday!  This was definitely one of the busier weeks we have had in a while. 
There was a lot happening especially for our 'big baby girl'.  Not only did she attend her very first ballet lesson but she went to school for the very first time.   It's only preschool and it's only for three days per week for four hours each day but still .. it's a big deal!   She did amazing! I knew she would!

I got just a little teary eyed as we drove away from the school .. it hit me that she wouldn't be my little sidekick that day but that quickly passed when I realised how good this was for both of us.  Not to mention she walked into the classroom and didn't even look back ... that made me feel better.  She is ready and I know this will be a great year! 

I didn't take photos of her very first day (Wednesday) because there was so much going on that day.  Long story short hubby and I went to a concert the night before (partying on a school night!!) .. we all stayed at my in laws house (since kids were already there and fast asleep) and the next day headed to school but that morning just flew by and I wasn't as prepared as I should have been!  That explains why the photos below say '2nd day of preschool'.

Have a Great Weekend!

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