Bye Bye Summer

This summer has 'officially' ended.  It's pretty hard to believe right?  I'm lucky to live in Southern California where the sunshine and warm temperatures stick around for quite a while yet and for this Aussie girl that is good news!   But none the less the first Monday in September means a new school year begins and everyone starts to talk about Autumn and all the fun stuff it brings.  This month is going to be busy in many many ways!  It's my birthday month, our baby girl starts pre school and it seems like we have some fun outings already planned!

We made some pretty amazing memories this Summer. This Sunday was no exception .. we had a picnic in the park with friends.  I couldn't have asked for a better day!

I"m looking forward to putting my instagrams into a fun album (probably will go the digital route like I did last year and make one of these).

Happy September Everyone!


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Jennie M said...

great photos and it really looks like fun!