A Summer Favourite

If someone was to ask me about my favourite things about summer I would have to say :

I say of course because I wear the nickname my loving husband gave me 'fruit bat' with pride since I love every and all fruits and can pretty easily eat an entire watermelon on my own! This past Friday my favourite little girl and I went on a mummy and me date to one of our favourite places : Tanaka Farms in Irvine to taste and pick...... you guessed it ..... watermelons!!

Daddy was kind enough to take our baby boy to work with him (yep we are pretty lucky I know) for the morning and I'm so grateful because it was extremely humid that day (the kind of icky/sweaty humidity I remember from when I lived in Brisbane, Australia) but that kind of humidity is not normal around here! We enjoyed the day none the less. How could we not.. there were friends, wagon rides, veggie tasting, as much watermelon as we could eat and then one to take home!

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