Studio Calico: Elmwood Park

Well same old story around here... finding time to do this hobby is very rare with these days but when creativity strikes even if it's at 10pm three nights in a row I go for it!  My heavy eyes and grumpy mood the next day are indications of the late nights but it's all worth it! 

The word 'together' is from the digital brushes kit also available from Studio Calico.  I love experimenting with photoshop and added some colour and a border around the word to make it stand out a little more.  I really really loved those tags from Banana Fish studio so much so I ordered myself another set directly from them for other projects.  Love them!!

I am so glad I captured this set of pics right here!  This is my life right now with two kids.  Sibling rivalry has started early.  Well .. kind of.  At three years old baby girl isn't too much of a fan of sharing.   On this day she followed me into baby brothers room.  She got to work pulling out the baby toys and the moment I let crawling baby loose this is what I heard non stop "nooo"  "that's miiiiiiine".    So I took these pics from his perspective of watching big sis playing down below.
The big "I Spy" is another digital brush.

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