Trailer Adventures : Crystal Cove

Last Summer we purchased a camping trailer.  It's on the small side but perfect for where our little family is right now.  I'm not much of a rugged, sleep on the floor inside a tent kind of a camper.  Give me a little more comfort and I'm in!  That's where the trailer came in ... we still get to see the great outdoors just more comfortably!  Well last summer I think we used the trailer maybe two times?!

So this summer we told ourselves we need to use it as much as we possibly can.  It's so much fun so why not?!  Well who knew you have to book the camp sites months ahead for a middle of summer visit?  Just kidding!  But we did get lucky and secured last Monday and Tuesday nights at Crystal Cove, Laguna Beach.  We booked it the Friday prior.  Spontaneity at its best!  

Crystal Cove is honestly a beautiful location!  There is the beach.  There are camping trails surrounding the beach.  Breathtaking views I tell you!
Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate for us and it remained very overcast and on the cool side for our entire stay.  We ventured away from the campsite one of the days to check out downtown Laguna and the annual Sawdust Art Festival that is happening right now.

Fun times indeed!
We will be back Crystal Cove!  We hope you give us a little more sun next time!

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mandyb said...

HI Jenny...thanks for your message on SC mes board about disney...have sent you a PM>>>>
this holiday looks fun and can i say YAH for diary of a wombat....we love that book at my kindergarten here in NZ!!!
love ya blog too