Orange County Fair

Happy Friday!

On Thursday this week we made our annual visit to the Orange County Fair.  I must say going with a very excited three year old made this year's visit the most fun yet !  Life is so different when you experience it through a child's eye ... it's pretty cool!  We definitely didn't get to see as much of the fair as previous years because well with a three year old getting places takes a little longer especially when tired little legs refuse to surrender and sit in the stroller even for just a little bit.   Isabel was all about the rides this year and from the moment she spotted the little gold fish (I don't know whether she saw the game or saw people carrying them around) but she was pretty much on repeat for the entire time that 'she really wanted a pet fish'.  "How about an icecream isabel?"  "OK but can we get a fish after pleeeease'.  She was relentless. 

We even got her a dream light (at the hall of products) .. something she requests every single time she sees the ad on TV.  This was purchased in hopes she would forget about the fish.  It didn't work!  So on our way out Jason decides he has to try to win her a fish.  So the three of us throw the little balls .. at this point I'm crossing my fingers one of those balls lands in a bowl so that she gets her fish!  Well no go!  But the man working the stand was very kind and gave her a fish anyways. 

Dear man working at the fish game stand:
"Thank you for not disappointing a little girl and giving her a fish that she wanted so very very bad!
Love:  A very appreciate mummy :)

'Hush' the fish survived a bumpy ride home with some of his water spilling out but Isabel is a happy girl.  And our visit to the fair was an all round success ... well kind of ... I didn't manage to eat anything sweet and yummy :(  no chocolate covered strawberries .......

Hope everyone has a happy weekend full of smiles!
I'm sure I'll get my share of sweet goodies this weekend so maybe it was good I skipped them at the fair ;)

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