International Snail Mail

Being away from my Aussie family is definitely tough but ever since I had kids I get a little more emotional about the distance because my kids can't get to know their Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents so easily.  Thank god we live in the age of Skype that's all I can say!  I told myself from the beginning though,  that I would encourage my kids to become pen pals with our Aussie Family and get back to using 'snail mail'.  I'm happy to report my three year old daughter LOVES it when I say let's write a letter to Aunty or whomever I decide to on that day!   She will pull out a scrap peice of paper and just scribble away and say "ok here's my letter for Aunty", she will find an envelope scribble on that too and say "time to put it in the mailbox now.  She cracks me up!

Here is our latest little project that is en route to Australia as I type:
We made a little letter that is also a banner.  I love the most recent Studio Calico Stamps and can see us using the 'Miss You' stamp a lot in our future letters.
I attached some instax pics with washi tape so you can lift the photo and see the masterpiece baby girl drew on the card it is attached to :).

p.s  Sorry for the pretty bad quality phone pics.  My SLR was hiding in my baby boy's room while he was sleeping and I wasn't about to wake a sleeping baby :)


Sparklin said...

Fab idea!

Merrick Dunphy said...

This is beyond adorable!!! Love it!

Christa said...

What a great project!!
I am thankful for Skype too-not sure how families lived so far away from each other many years ago!

Jennie M said...

SUPER fun project!!