La La Paper Love.

It's no secret I have loved playing with paper and photos for a while but lately I just haven't been inspired to make a traditional layouts.  I have been concentrating on the simplicity that is Project Life.  My number one goal is to get my photos off my phone and computer and into an album .. yes I do add small embellishments here or there just because but my desire to make layouts like this comes and goes.   I haven't even had the desire to spend the money I used to on scrapbooking kits which definitely is not a bad thing!  Of course I log on the night the kits are revealed and just oooh and aaaah at the prettiness every month but somehow my will has been strong enough not to buy.  

Well lately ... the urge to create has hit and I got just a few things from Studio Calico's July Kit.  Well their Project Life to be exact. No extra patterned paper, no extra embellishments.   I have found my style.  Simple with a little artistic flair.   This is very much needed with two kids who demand my attention and therefore time is very limited. 

I love using the project life cards on my layouts!  This little cloud one in the layout above was the starting point for this layout where I used a pink/grey/white and gold colour palette.

That awesome basic grey leaf paper above?  That is from last autumn and it's been staring at me since then to use it!  I'm happy to say I did before this Autumn came and went.  Ha!
That tag came from a item of clothing I purchased at Anthropologie  (hooray for gift cards).

Another layout with a stamp from Studio Calico that I have had for some time now. I don't even recall what month I purchased it.  Amazing stamp and paper from my stash and some of my favourite photos of my kids .... Layout complete!

Happiness is some favourite summer intax pics and little brush script with a cool quote all about summer!  Full Stop.  Yes I did change the quote a tad to say 'Here's to the days' instead of 'Here's to the nights.  I love it all the same.

I hope this creative energy stays around for a little while longer.  It's been fun ... and dandy!

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