Small Snail Mail

With my kids having cousins who live in Australia I love to encourage them to write letters and hope they continue to love it as much I do.   My girl asks almost every day when she sees me collect the mail if there is something for her ... and those days I can give her a 'yes there is' answer she is a happy happy girl!

We made these hello cards the other day and now that the recipients have received them I wanted to share them here.   A little scary or creepy? Maybe.  A lot of fun?  Absolutely!  I hear the recipients loved them as much as my kids loved making them. 
I love these because they are personalised since I used an actual photo of my kids and gave them a little extra personality using some bright and super fun googly eyes I picked up at the craft store.
The kids went to town choosing their own eyes and couldn't stop laughing at themselves as they glued them down.

I made these in photoshop by designing a 6 Inches Wide x 8 Inches Long template.  That way when I printed the finished document and folded it in half I would have a 6"x 4" Card.
I changed the photo to black and white on purpose .. so that the bright googly eyes would stand out.
Two super quick speech bubbles and hand written message and these were on their way to some happy cousins.

Of course this would be just as easy to make by printing a photo and simply glueing the photo on top
of the folded card.

Happy Mail for young writers .. what's not to love?

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