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Last weekend proved to be very productive on the updating my project life album front.  
I was very happy about that because I was eager to print some of these photos.   I managed to complete four weeks of photos and my keeping as simple as possible .. with the teeniest bit of embellishment approach is working just fine and dandy for me!   There is A LOT of my own handwriting in not only the journaling but also some of the filler pockets.

FEBRUARY 17 - 23:

*  I'll jump to the exciting part of this particular week .. our Aussie Family came over the US to visit and stay with us!  There was a lot of cousin catching up moments that my camera captured and it made my hear super happy to watch my kids bond with their Aussie family!  

* That quote card I made using the digital version of the Amy Tangerine Plus One kit  and just typing the words and then printing out the cards .. sums up how I feel with this whole living away from family business.   I truly hope our kids always remember that!


Left Hand Side :

Right Hand Side:

Middle Inserts:
* Lots of hugs
* Lots of smiles
* An out of town adventure with my Aussie family to ... Dallas Texas (!)
* Being stuck in Dallas after our four day adventure turned into six because of a cancelled flight due to crazy crazy freezing weather. I had to put in a screenshot of the weather report from my phone.
 * We experienced all four seasons during those six days .. I still can't believe it went from glorious summer temperatures on a Saturday to Freezing temperatures the following day and thus we arrived at the airport (all eleven of us) and look up at the monitors and see the word CANCELLED for every single American Airlines Flight.    That meant finding a reasonably close hotel to camp out until first thing Tuesday morning.

Of course I took A LOT of photos and while they will not all be included in this album (I plan to make a digital book very soon that will include pretty much all of them) but at the same time two inserts just wasn't enough so to highlight two of my fave photos captured this week I added a
DESIGN G page protector along with an 8x10 page protector.
In the 8x10 .. I printed a black and white photo to fit on its own and on the back of that I did a super quick hybrid layout using one of the digital stamps in the Studio Calico Bluegrass Kit.

MARCH 3 -9 :

* A.Jam.Packed.Week!  That is is the truth in a nutshell
* The last two days in Dallas
* Some at home resting days 
* A certain little boy's third birthday .. spent at the Happiest Place On Earth
* A certain little girl meeting her two favourite set of sisters ... Elsa and Anna from Frozen
* Deliriously happy kids
* Lots of cake
* Lots of Smiles
* A day at the beach
* A Sunday Funday with a yummy lunch and shopping 
* Probably one of my favourite memories .. that my husband happened to capture is a photo of us four tired parents on a Saturday night, surrounded by Mickey balloons, on the couch, messy hair, pj's on, staring at the TV.  It had obviously been a long (but very happy) day.

* I love having the option of using some of the project life core kits in digital format.
For example .. I purchased the Amy Tangerine Plus One after eyeing it for the longest time but as soon as I read it was available in digital format I didn't hesitate and got it!
I love that I can transform the rounded corner cards into straight corners with a very simple crop in photoshop.  Too Easy!


* The final week we spent with our visiting family
* One day at Disneyland was not enough so we went back on Monday!
* This week was all about the selfie shots ... someday my kids will appreciate these (well .. I hope they do).

If you got to the end of this post .. Thanks for reading!
If you have any questions or just want say 'hi' don't hesistate to do so!
If you want to learn what Project Life is and ... start doing something with all those photos you are collecting check this out.

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