For the love of Gold and Washi and ... Bunnies!

Easter is indeed right around the corner and I love a good .. and easy craft to do with the kids as much as any other mum. 
I found an easter craft on pinterest that I knew would fit the easy category with this cute Bunny Family made out of cardboard rolls.  We of course had to accesorize our family with gold ears and washi tape outfits.  I love how they turned out!

Here is the list of what you need:
 Two other things you need : A black marker pen and scotch tape.

And the Steps to make them are pretty quick and easy .. my almost five year old girl was an awesome helper with these guys!
1.  Collect your toilet paper/paper towel rolls.
2.  Cut any to the size you need to complete your family
3.  Paint the rolls with your white paint
4.  Allow paint to dry .. maybe 30 minutes?
5.  Make 'outfits' by rolling your washi tape around a couple of times.
6.  With the marker pens give your bunnies some happy or funny faces.
7.  Fold and attach your pipe cleaners in the shape of ears and attach to the roll with some tape and you have an adorable bunny family to play with or display.

At the very last minute my girl decided our bunnies needed some tails ... DUH!  Why didn't I think of that? And so with some cotton balls and glue we had four cotton tail bunnies hopping down the bunny trail. :))

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