There is always pen and paper

Sometimes inspiration comes to you in the most awesome ways.  For me, this week it happened when I watched my girl be the awesome creative being that she is.
Our midweek adventure to our local zoo what the perfect way to spend a Tuesday morning with two of my favourite people in the world.
My four year old knows just as well as me that a camera is a definite essential to capture your favourite memories so she brought along her trusty pink V-tech camera along for the fun.

Well it's all fun and games until your press the shutter button and bam! You get the 'dead battery' message.  No time for sad faces though because I learnt that as long as you have a pen and paper .. the fun will most definitely continue.  Just ask this girl:


I sat back as she stood in front of the camel (which by they way is her favourite at this particualr zoo), one eye watching her putting that pencil to paper and the other eye on my two year old who wanted nothing more than to keeeeeep moving (or running in his case).
But the moment she brought that camel drawing to my attention I was speechless.  It wasn't so much about the artistic ability (of course I think she is the best .. ) but just the way she took it upon herself to make the most of the situation and do what she came to do and that is enjoy this zoo adventure in every possible way. 

Baby girl you  inspire me everyday but it's these kind of days that you put things, put life into perspective.

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