Weekend Wonders Autumn Edition

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!
I feel like I had a busy yet somewhat productive one! And it feels pretty good.  Well if you consider making time for making crafty things, baking yummy cookies and carving pumpkins productive than that's the kind of weekend I had!  Putting laundry away .. what's that?

We made our annual pumpkin patch visit happen on Friday.
We have been to Tanaka Farms for their summer tours but never participated in any of the Autumn fun! We went on the perfect day (since mother nature still cannot decide whether it's going to be
90 Degrees or 70 Degrees).  It was hot with a lot of cloud cover and the perfect breeze blowing!
I lost count how many times Miss Isabel changed her mind choosing her perfect 'punkin' but it was a fun day complete a bumpy wagon ride around the farm. 

This was Owen's first official visit to a pumpkin patch .. at last year's visit he was a teeny tiny 1 week old baby!  This year he was all about practising his walking skills and trying to figure out if he liked the feel of the hay on those chubby feet or not.  Watching a babies reactions to new sights and sounds never gets old.  I wish I could bottle those sweet moments and remember them forever!

When it came to time to carve those pumpkings there was one strict rule enforced by Isabel:  no triangle faces!  They needed circle eyes and circle noses.   And Circle faced Jack O Lanterns is what we made!

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