Weekend Wonders/Trailer Adventures

One of things on top of my must do list this summer was to go camping and use our trailer more than once and proud to say we just came back from our 3rd trip ... woohoo!  This weekend was all sorts of fun.  I must admit though it started just a little rocky.  Our trailer is on the small side (which is perfect for what we need) except when it comes to a baby boy who is a very light sleeper and a three year old girl who loves to drag bedtime for as loooong as she can (no matter how exhausted she is)!  Our first night saw my sleep deprived, impatient side come out.   There was a lot of baby crying going on that night!  Our second night was a little better (even though both kids caught an awesome cold).  By our third and final night we contemplated staying a little longer (but didn't) because it everyone slept ALL night. Yahoo!  It felt so good!

I find myself talking about this sleep thing a lot lately.  I definitely wish there was more hours in the day!  Ha!

But sleep deprivation aside this trailer adventure had us visiting one of our favourite local spots : Newport Dunes at Newport Beach.  I.seriously.love.this.place.
I love it's location. I love all the amenities. I love that it has a great restaurant if we decide we don't want to cook. I love all the activities it offers. I love that if I want to escape the camping scene I go shopping down the street on Pacific Coast Highway.  Anthropologie anyone??
Seriously so much fun!

I hope everyone had a great weekend also!
Here some happy pics along with some I posted on instagram (follow me at : jennymiralambert)

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