Catching Up ..

Here is some fun stuff I managed to find time to make.
I happily purchased a lot of from Studio Calico's heyday line and so I'm making sure to use a lot.
Of course I have already separated the pretty paper I will hoard for now :).

 'You Two' has a cute banana fish studio added.  I seriously love how cute and simple their little
tags are!  The rainbow effect on the photos were done with the Snapster App.

'You Wear Me Out' .. We love Olivia the TV show and the book series around here.  My three year old is seriously just like her in so many ways.  Her curiosity.  Her imagination that simply amazes me. She talks a lot just like Olivia does!  So I took a photo of her and made it black and white and rotated it before I print them out.   The Orange Alphas are again from the hey day line which I painted with some acrylic paint a neon shade. 

This one is a super simple birthday card.  I really liked the black contrast and I felt like it really suits the recipient.   Added a few blue sequins and it was complete!

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Sandy Ang said...

love the way you framed your photos with the glitter orange title