Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty low key .. one exciting thing that happened was finally making progress on my craft studio.  Ha! I hope the room can live up to the the name 'studio' .. in my mind studio just makes it sound so special, funky and maybe just maybe kind of cool.  I have ideas and I just hope I can make it work and make it something I'm proud of.
There is room just off the kitchen that when we moved in to our house were quite stumped on what we could use it as.  Then our first baby came along and a play room seemed to be the obvious purpose for it.  But after our second baby came along ... the spare bedroom that housed my scrapbooking mess goodies was transplanted to the 'playroom' to give our babies their own room.  Well for the last year or so this playroom has looked like this disorganized chaotic mess of baby toys, paper, glue and all around not a fun place for this lady to make fun stuff in.   One of my goals for this year was to revamp this space into our craft/scrapbooking studio and this weekend we finally took the big step of priming and getting the walls ready for some new paint!  It feels great to finally get it going!  Check back for progress and the finished product very soon!!


1.  A quick, yummy pasta dish .. I love it when last minute dinners turn out great
2.  New haircut for me and baby boy with his fuzzy head of hair; 
3.  My new green pants from GAP - LOVING them
4.  Painting in progress!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend !

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