It was meant to be!

I guess I was reminiscing a little.  I happened to find these photos of my husband and I while looking for others to print and realised I had never scrapped them.  I may have made some sort of photo book with them but I never game them their own layout and I thought with all the amazing map paper I have been hoarding it was time it was put to use!  I went with the Studio Calico map from their 'Abroad' line and after I lay the paper down on the cardstock background it just felt too big for some reason and I grabbed the paper trimmer and cut it down .. I don't really measure I just knew I wanted somewhat close to equal thirds.  Then the amazing wood veneer shapes from Studio Calico  had arrived earlier this week were staring at me and just begging to be used and the layout just kind of fell into place.
I love all the neon that is out there right now and I have been using it quite a lot in my layouts and I love how it added the extra something to this.
I must admit it is one of my favourite layouts in a long time!
I love the photos simply because they are from a very unforgettable visit back home to Brisbane.

It was the time Jason came over and not only surprised me but SHOCKED me by being at my house ... meeting my parents for the FIRST time.  I was out with my sister that day -  I come home, walk in and there he is sitting in the middle of my parents kitchen with a huge smile on his face.   His very first time to Australia!!!!  I had no idea he had planned that.  Aaaah that is a fun memory!!  Ten years later I'm living in the US with our little family of four.  Who would have thought a little four month work and travel adventure to the US would end up with my calling Southern California home .... not me!

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