A Collection// Afternoon Light and Her Favourite spot

She has a favourite spot in the house.  It's the step leading out to the backyard.
It's where she sits to say hi and pat the dog.
It's where she sits to eat her snacks on a nice day.  It's where she sits to eat her popscicles on a REALLY nice day.  
It's where she sits to do a little bird watching.
It's where she chooses to do her favourite activity which varies each week of course.  It could be playing with her little toys and putting them in their 'beds' or learning to sew or painting her nails and any willing member of the family's nails also.
It's where she sits and yells to me to come and see the flower/bug/leaf she just found.
It's where she sits and waits for me to come and help her on the monkey bars on our playground.
It's where her little brother likes to join her every once in a while when he is not running laps in the backyard.

It's where she sits to contemplate life and wonder what this thing called 'kindergarten' that everyone says she will go to next year is all about and whether she will make new friends and what her new teacher will be like.  That is for a different post though. :)

It's where she likes to sit in the afternoons when the mid afternoon sun is still bright enough to create shadows from the blinds and pergola covering our patio area outside.

It's her favourite spot and I have loved to capture these little moments of her over the last few months.

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